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DINO Rescue needs a little help. We are in need of foster homes asap! All expenses are covered! Fostering is a great way to have a pet without the financial burden. Even if you are unable to provide one please consider sharing this page in hopes that it will help us find new foster parents! Thank you greatly!

In order to assist DINO Rescue with determining eligibility for foster home opportunities, please complete the form below. This Information is valuable in the processing of your application and we thank you for taking the time to provide us with such. If you are unsure of any questions, please discuss them with us.

As always, we look forward to growing our DINO community and the movement towards creating a better world for our animal friends!
Foster Contract
Note: Information you provide will be shared with members of the DINO Rescue team.

Donna – co-founder

Potty training at a glance

DINO Rescue is pleased to offer boarding for $20 per day. Preference will be given first to our adopters, but we will happily accommodate others if space allows.

Please contact us for further information on our boarding! Thank you from the DINO Rescue team!

Jessi's In-Home Grooming

Jessi’s In-Home Grooming

All groom’s include a bath with both shampoo and conditioner, 30 minute brushing, nails trimmed and ears cleaned and all are topped with a bow for the ladies and a bandana for the gentlemen.
I will offer a 35% discount for Dino’s adopted dogs. All DINO dogs in foster care are free.