All of the dogs we rescue are placed within our foster care program until they are adopted by families who have made a lifetime commitment to adopt our rescues. Through our foster program, our rescues have a safe place to live until loving homes can be found for them. Our rescued dogs live with their foster families and receive the same love, care and attention as our own family pets.

While in foster care, our rescues receive medical attention and live life as a dog should…happy to be with a family and being loved! Personalities of dogs in home settings are more easily accessed and provide us with a more accurate profile for each rescued dog. The foster caregivers help us by providing an overview of the personality of the rescue dogs in their care which helps us determine what type of family would best fit that particular dog’s needs. All of our dogs are spayed or neutered prior to adoption and receive up-to-date vaccinations including rabies. Our foster families are welcome to adopt their foster dogs, within limits, if they find their perfect match!

Please contact us at for all inquiries, allowing a minimal of 24-48 hours response time and please note we require that you to fill in an adoption questionnaire. All applicants will be screened, we work on a first come first serve adoption basis and DINO holds the right to deny any application they see fit for the best interest of the animal requested.