Citizen Pet Newsletter April 2014


Calgary Pet Expo
April 26-27, 2014
Spruce Meadows Equi-plex and
Gallery on the Green
FREE parking


7 ideas for hosting guests who are allergic to your pets (Healthy Pets, presented by

   By Dr. Marty Becker (Vetstreet)

   By Dr. Karen Becker (Healthy Pets, presented by

    (Talking Animals YouTube video)


    By Ryan Cormier, Edmonton Journal 

Prevent food aggression in your dog
By Joan Orr and Teresa Lewin, Doggone Safe – Many dog bites to children occur around the food bowl. Doggone Safe offers several strategies to address this issue and keep kids safe.


Therapeutic riding group finds new home After nearly a year without a home, a southern Alberta equine-assisted therapy group has a new venue and a brand new name.

A bird’s eye view
By Kathleen Grey – You may have noticed that the toys in the bird section of your local specialty pet supply store are more colourful than other pet toys. The answer is a lesson in parrot anatomy.
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