Animal Wellness Magazine – August 25, 2014

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August 25, 2014
Dear Cheryl,

10 Steps To Great Leadership With Your Dog

Leadership is defined as the ability to guide, direct or influence. Nowhere in the definition does it mention domination, intimidation or control. Yet many dog trainers still use and promote this approach. These conflicting messages leave many people confused – and if they’re confused, think how the dogs must feel!

Greening Up With Your Dog

More people are recognizing the importance of treading more lightly on the earth, and are expanding their eco-conscious outlook to include their animal companions. The pet industry is responding  with all kinds of innovative products that not only enhance animal health, but are also environmentally responsible and sustainable.  Click here for more

Biotin & Antioxidants For Dogs

A dog’s health is reflected in his coat. If it’s dull and dry, or he sheds excessively, has dandruff or other skin problems, he’s probably not feeling his best either. Conversely, a rich, shiny coat and clear skin suggests he’s in peak condition.  Click here for more

Nominate your favorite canine rescue group

Help save lives!  Each nominated rescue will have a chance to be chosen for Rescue of the Month!  We choose based on quantity and quality of nominations! Rescue of the Month receives an article in Animal Wellness Magazine and a free ad on our Animal Wellness website.   Click here for more