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Zorro is a 7 year old Sheppard Mix rescue from the Calgary SPCA.
He loves and gets along with small dogs, he has a 4 year old fur brother who is a Jack x Pug.
Loves water, playing fetch, sleeping by peoples feet, treats, and walks.
He also loves his own space and his kennel.
Does not get along with large dog, and we are unsure about him with children.
Does not like high excitement situations. Needs a calm home.
He’s been neutered, in good health just needs his vaccines.
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Poncho is an 8 yrs. old Cocker Spaniel who came from a horrible neglect situation. He was so matted he could barely walk. He has had a hard time overcoming his trust issues. Poncho is generally a very lovable, cuddly boy. He is quite reactive which proves to be challenging in finding a compatible foster or adoptive home for him. He has been to 3 different foster homes and also had 3 failed adoptions. He is reactive when picked up, maneuvered, touched the wrong way, taking something from him he doesn’t want to give, etc. He does not like grooming or nail trims and becomes very aggressive during these times. Many experienced groomers have been challenged by the task of grooming him. When Poncho triggers, he will lunge and bite with very little warning. He has a quick switch. Potential adopters need to understand the severity of his reactivity and that he has caused injury before.

He is not good with children of any age in any circumstance. He is also not good with cats. He does well with other dogs and is fairly impartial to them, but is unfriendly if an animal invades his bubble. Poncho is house trained if he is contained to a smaller area of the home. He does whine and howl when left alone, but knows the bark collar. He is crate trained, but may react if you have to maneuver him into the crate. Poncho is not high-energy, but high-anxiety. He comes on pack walks and is great on-leash. He has good off-leash recall but would require a fenced yard as he may wander.

He loves to cuddle on your chest and gives little puppy kisses. He loves bum scratches and pats. Being an older gent he enjoys being a couch potato and catching some z’s in the sunshine. He is always happy to greet you upon arriving home. He really loves his car rides. He likes to be silly and roll all over the carpet, turning his tummy up for a belly rub. He loves to play with “stuffies” and pack them around. And like most dogs, he LOVES treats! For almost the last 2 years he has lived with one of our experienced handlers and has done well with consistent, positive reinforcement and firm boundaries. Poncho needs a very firm handler who will claim their space and be confident when dealing with his behaviours. In Poncho’s case, it is about training the right family how to help him manage his anxiety. He is a wonderful, loving companion. He is neutered, tattooed and up to date on vaccinations.