Animal Wellness Magazine – August 25, 2014

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August 25, 2014
Dear Cheryl,

10 Steps To Great Leadership With Your Dog

Leadership is defined as the ability to guide, direct or influence. Nowhere in the definition does it mention domination, intimidation or control. Yet many dog trainers still use and promote this approach. These conflicting messages leave many people confused – and if they’re confused, think how the dogs must feel!

Greening Up With Your Dog

More people are recognizing the importance of treading more lightly on the earth, and are expanding their eco-conscious outlook to include their animal companions. The pet industry is responding  with all kinds of innovative products that not only enhance animal health, but are also environmentally responsible and sustainable.  Click here for more

Biotin & Antioxidants For Dogs

A dog’s health is reflected in his coat. If it’s dull and dry, or he sheds excessively, has dandruff or other skin problems, he’s probably not feeling his best either. Conversely, a rich, shiny coat and clear skin suggests he’s in peak condition.  Click here for more

Nominate your favorite canine rescue group

Help save lives!  Each nominated rescue will have a chance to be chosen for Rescue of the Month!  We choose based on quantity and quality of nominations! Rescue of the Month receives an article in Animal Wellness Magazine and a free ad on our Animal Wellness website.   Click here for more


Animal Wellness Magazine – August 18, 2014

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August 18, 2014
Dear Cheryl,
Know Your Toxins: Animal Safety

Like it or not, our world is filled with chemicals and toxins that can harm your dog or cat. It’s impossible to eliminate them all, but there are plenty of ways you can reduce his exposure and preserve his wellness.
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Animals Armed With Antioxidants

These valuable nutrients are crucial to good health, but some vets feel they interfere with conventional cancer treatments. Find out why, and how an integrative approach that incorporates antioxidants can actually extend life expectancy. Click here for more

Barking Mad: Handling Your Dog

Does your dog make too much noise? Instead of running the risk of alienating your neighbors, find out how you can help him quiet down. Dogs bark because Mother Nature tells them that’s how they’re supposed to communicate. Click here for more

Bandana Giveaway

Do you want your dog to look extra stylish? Earth Rated is giving away 5,000 bandanas! Click here to get one!


Animal Wellness Magazine – August 11, 2014

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August 11, 2014
Dear Cheryl,
Flower Essences for Anxious Dogs

Modern life is full of things that can make a dog nervous. From the constant assault of noise on sensitive ears to the overwhelming sights and smells of a city street, even the calmest dog may become stressed from time to time.
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Supplements for Skin Problems

For a lot of dogs and cats, summer means an increase in skin problems and allergies. Others suffer from these issues all year round, thanks to flea dermatitis, food intolerances and other conditions. Whatever the cause of your companion’s skin problems, the itchiness and inflammation can make his life miserable.
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Boat Safety for Dogs

For many people and their canines, summer is synonymous with beaches, lakeside cottages, swimming and boating. Whether you have a canoe, motorboat or yacht, if you’re taking your best friend on board, be sure to factor his safety and comfort into the equation.
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